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Our Work

Case Study: Land Acquisition


The Challenge: Securing Land for Tribal Development


MSK Ventures facilitated a number of relationships to help Mesa Grande acquire a 560-property located on a major state highway, and considered essential for the Band's future business development efforts. Kelly coordinated the property purchase with the tribal attorney and the lender; worked with federal agencies to secure tribal loan guarantees; coordinated necessary pre-closing inspections and testing; and managed the closing process. Once the property was acquired, Kelly worked with the attorney and the Department of Interior to manage the application for transfer of the land from fee to trust status, a transfer that is expected to finalize in 2024.

Case Study: Business Plans


The Challenge: A Business Plan for a Gaming Technology Firm


\MSK Ventures wrote a business plan for a private sector firm preparing to launch in the gaming technology space. The plan required extensive market research into existing gaming markets, dominant and emerging gaming technologies for land-based and iGaming operations,

trends and market opportunities. The plan also incorporated marketing strategies for the company's various gaming technology products and services.


We use every tool in the box to help our clients achieve their business development and financial objectives. Here are some examples:
Case Study: Investor Materials


The Challenge: Pitching Investors on a Business Opportunity


MSK Ventures developed supporting materials to help its client secure investors for a start-up gaming technology company. Kelly managed development of a logo and website for branding purposes, created a newsletter for distribution to contacts and potential investors, and developed a "pitch deck" presentation describing the company's target markets, products and services, financial projections, use of funding sought from investors, and other key information.


Case Study: Grant Funding


The Challenge: Securing Grants for Tribal Projects


MSK Ventures has secured nearly $2.5 million in public and private sector grant funding for various tribal projects in renewable energy development, mineral development, organic farming and agritourism. She has secured commitments for an additional $500,000 rebate from the State of California to fund installation of EV chargers on its commercial site.


Case Study: Lenders & Financing


The Challenge: Building Relationships with Multiple Lenders


MSK Ventures has facilitated the development of productive relationships between Mesa Grande and a number of commercial financing entities, including Native-owned commercial banks, CDFI (Community Development Financial Institutions), and MDIs (Minority Designated Institutions). In addition, Kelly has worked with the Department of Interior's Capital Investment/Loan Guarantee program to secure guarantees for tribal loans. She has also built relationships between Mesa Grande and private funders whose tools include low- or no-interest financing for tribal projects in the renewable energy and environmental stewardship space.

Case Study: Partnering for Growth


The Challenge: Creating Partnerships for Tribal Development

MSK Ventures has worked to build relationships between Mesa Grande and potential private sector partners for specific projects of interest to the Band. Kelly was integral to the creation of a tribal-private sector joint venture that ultimately won a federal contract for purchase of 140 MW of wind energy, generating in excess of $3 million in proceeds for the tribe.

Kelly facilitated Mesa Grande's participation in the State Small Business Credit Initiative (SSBCI), a U.S. Treasury program designed to stimulate investment of public and private sector funds in small business development. Through Kelly's efforts, Mesa Grande formed a consortium with four other tribes, enabling these small tribes to aggregate their SSBCI federal allocations, making a larger pool of funds available for tribal business development.

Kelly has also introduced the tribe to private sector firms that partner with distressed communities to build and finance projects that create jobs and  economic growth.


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