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Our Work

Case Study: Advocacy Campaign


The Challenge: Defeating Legislation Hostile to Client Interests


Our Solution: MSK Ventures developed a comprehensive strategic plan to defeat proposed legislation that would harm client interests. Plan included generating earned media, organizing and mobilizing employees, developing lobbyist materials and messaging, building coalitions with issue allies, organizing media events, and scheduling editorial briefings with influential media outlets in targeted districts.


Plan was fully funded and implemented, and client successfully defeated the hostile legislative initiative.

Case Study: Opinion Research


The Challenge: Measuring Public Attitudes Toward Client Issues


Our Solution: MSK Ventures designed and managed a major research project to gather public opinion data on client's key issues. Project included qualitative (focus group) as well as quantitative (polling) research. Project elements included writing RFP; interviewing and selecting research firm; supervising development of poll questionnaire and focus group discussion guide; testing of messages to identify most and least persuasive; and written analysis of research results.


Research results provided essential information to assist in development of effective client messaging in media and legislative communications.


We use every tool in the box to help our clients achieve their objectives, whether the goal is to defeat hostile legislation, generate media coverage, assess public opinion, train media spokespersons, improve internal communications or generate needed resources.
Case Study: Media Relations


The Challenge: Reversing Negative Attitudes Toward Client Position on Regional Issue


Our Solution: MSK Ventures developed a comprehensive media relations plan to move public opinion from negative to positive regarding client's position on a key community issue.  The plan included development of key messages; creation of print and electronic resource materials for media and legislators; updating of client website to enable immediate posting of breaking news; media training for client spokesperson; writing and submission of news releases and guest commentaries over client byline; and one-on-one "grasstops" education of influential policymakers.


The plan produced a visible reversal in the tone and content of media coverage, and ultimately resulted in a favorable vote for the client before the regional policy board with jurisdiction over the issue.






Case Study: Member Relations & Internal Communications


The Challenge: Building Constituent Support for Strategic Partnership Between Two Formerly Competitive Associations


Our Solution: MSK Ventures worked with association management to educate and inform members of both organizations prior to critical votes on the partnership proposal, which had been defeated in previous votes on two separate occasions. The education campaign included a timed series of personalized letters to members from association leadership endorsing and explaining the proposal; development of a Q&A brochure to address common questions and concerns; recruitment of opinion leaders in both organizations for one-on-one member education; and structural changes to the partnership agreement to accommodate lingering concerns.


As a result of this campaign, the members of both organizations voted overwhelmingly in support of the partnership proposal.

Case Study: Media Training


The Challenge: Preparing Client for Media Interviews


Our Solution: MSK Ventures created a customized media training curriculum tailored to client's specific issues. Topics covered in training included identifying and focusing on key messages, understanding the different requirements of print/TV/radio/online media, establishing credibility as a media source, maintaining control of the interview, relating effectively to audiences, handling tough questions, guidelines for interacting with journalists, and techniques for responding to negative coverage. Training sessions included on-camera interviews followed by playback and critique.


Clients reported higher levels of confidence in dealing witih media, and better interview results based on feedback from observers.

Case Study: Tribal Resource Development


The Challenge: Securing Funding to Finance Tribal Resource and Capacity Development


Our Solution: MSK Ventures worked with tribal leadership to identify development priorities, then draft and submit three separate grant proposals to analyze the tribe's potential renewable energy resources, evaluate mineral resources on tribal land, and build capacity for future energy business development. As part of the process, we worked to establish relationships with the federal funding agencies, identified and recruited grant contractors and technical experts, developed budgets and timelines, and prepared final grant documents for submission.


As a result of these efforts, the client received over $410,000 in federal grant funds, and has a solid base of technical knowledge and data to support its tribal development objectives.

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